Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

We protect small business owners from Accessibility lawsuits by making their websites fully ADA Compliant.

Protect Your Business

Increase Website Exposure

Don't Gamble With The Law

ADA lawsuits are all over the news.

All kinds of business owners are getting sued. Check out these clips from news sources across the USA.

Fox Business News

NBC News

ABC Action News

National association of realtors

Affected professionals

In summary, ALL websites must be compliant...

Because being compliant may be the difference between keeping or losing tens of thousands of dollars!

Protect Your Business

Our system keeps you compliant with ADA legislation 24/7/365.

Accessible to Everyone

Our ADA Compliant Websites will help open your business to everyone, regardless any impairments they may face.

Increase Brand Image

Build trust with your customers by showing you care about more than just their money.

What Makes Alkemy So Different?

Alkemy utilizes an Intelligent Accessibility Compliance System to fully transform websites and ensure ADA Compliance. Our remediation system adheres to the highest industry standards and incorporates Artificial Intelligence technology. We offer a complete solution for website assessment and accessibility remediation, providing the most cost-effective and permanent results. To confirm if your website meets ADA compliance requirements, simply book a consultation with us and allow our team of experts to handle the task for you.

Step 1

Schedule a consultation to learn about ADA compliance and how it can impact your business.

Step 2

We implement our system to ensure the highest industry standards and practices are met.

Step 3

Your website will be fully ADA compliant within 48hrs.

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