Nature Expeditions International

Nature Expeditions International is an awesome South Florida based travel agency that arranges custom trips for wildlife viewing, cultural and “soft” adventure to the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. They provide travel options for each type of traveler whether you are into Adventure or just looking to hang out and experience Nature.

The Challenge

Nature Expeditions International has been in business for around 45 years and their website was in definite need of some love. The site was built long ago and wasn’t optimized for mobile and tablet viewing, which was costing them a large chunk of internet traffic and inhibiting their SEO efforts.

They needed a fresh new design that was mobile responsive and helped them to showcase the amazing travel destinations they create custom expeditions for – while at the same time helping them to attract new clients and usher in a new era for the business.

Our Approach

For the design of this site, we really wanted to showcase the beautiful imagery that comes with the special destinations they deal with. Special emphasis was placed with our designer to ensure that images were high resolution, vibrant, and at the focus of each page.

Since Nature Expeditions deals with customized travel itineraries, we wanted to make sure that any visitor could browse not just by destination, but also by the type of travel they wanted to experience. (ie. Adventure, History, Nature, etc.) We achieved this by creating subcategories and pages dedicated to each type of travel and then tagging their trips with their respective types.

Trips are also grouped by destination (regionally), this creates an experience where each visitor can browse in the way that’s most convenient for their current travel needs.

On each destination page, we provide tons of information that lets their clients see data about what currencies are used in the area, what the temperature is like, what languages are spoken, and even when you should visit, what to eat while you’re there, or what kind of things to pack for your trip.

One of the highlights of the destinations is that there are sample itineraries provided with a timeline that shows what you could be doing on each day of your trip and even some optional extensions for certain trips.


Nature Expeditions International - Alkemy Case Study Nature Approach

The Result

The result is a well crafted website that looks beautiful on all devices, is easy to navigate, and allows Nature Expeditions to effectiveluy communicate with their visitors and convert them into new potential customers.

Since the launch of the website, their traffic and conversions have been increasing and we are currently working with them each month to build a solid community around their brand by working on their blog, providing marketing tips about email and social, and ensuring that each page is also carefully optimized to match the intent of their visitors as well as the unique features of each destination.